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I wrote this in response to the #metoo movement. It's about speaking up, and power rolling through your body when you finally decide enough is enough.

street corner


“Ask me again to keep my mouth shut”

Ask me again to keep my mouth shut To wait my turn To walk away Hold me down one more time

And all of earth’s magic, my magic, will erupt Like a gust of wind rushing to the sea Taking with it anything foolish enough to be in the path Rolling through the pines, across the rocks, Taking with it cold, ancient moss

That once thought it was safe It will break stones apart, crack tree stumps Till their roots, exposed, lie naked on the hillside

Waking the dead And the lonely, It will churn in fury its way to the sea Becoming the hurricane Screaming toward the shore, Building, and building its might

While the foolish land dwellers Cling hopeless 

To what will hold them up no longer

© Diane Currie Sam



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Diane Currie Sam 

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