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A Crime on The Streets of Aurora (lyrics)

I've been following the story of Elijah McClain who was killed by police in Aurora Colorado (on Twitter #elijahmcclain ) - it is so heartbreaking. There's a really sweet video of him dancing, a picture of him playing his violin to kittens at an animal shelter. His death is an injustice. I think this story needs way more attention, and I hope this poem/lyrics help.

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A Crime on The Streets of Aurora

We can’t tell the songs he danced to alone When he bought some tea in Aurora The songs we can’t say, for he was silenced that day A young man with the heart of a dancer With a love of their guns, they’d been told to come On a hot summer night in Aurora To that man who made friends and who played violins A young man with so much to offer They came in the night, they were ready to fight But found just a kid with his headphones What does it take, to be filled with hate, That despite being trained and well-seasoned, They didn’t talk at all, just slammed in the wall That sweet boy who gave them no reason? So gently he lived and so violently died And the country it can not stop grieving

They tackled him down, put his neck to the ground And somehow they threw off the camera So no one could see, the press of the knee The crime on the streets of Aurora His hands cuffed behind, they continued their crime Even called on a dog to bite him Does anyone know where your soul’s gotta go To watch, turn away and not help him?

But summer moved on till the leaves were all gone And time’s broken heart kept a’beating And Winter it filled all the graves on the hill Like a snow covered Garden of Eden When the edict came down, it was heard round the town The voice of cold Colorado We’ve had a look, it was all by the book This death that is tearing your heart out

But I hear him at night, when I turn out the light The boy they choked for no reason Forget me not now that I’m in my grave Cause I know I lived a short season Can you say my name? It’s Elijah McClain Yes, I will for your family needs healing May justice be done, you American son Without it, we’ll never stop grieving

They tackled him down, put his neck to the ground That man with the heart of a dancer I’ll never forgive and I’ll never forget The men, the sons, and the daughters The breath stolen away, the songs we can’t say The silence, it cuts like a dagger

Can you say his name? It’s Elijah McClain. Say it loud, cause God knows, he mattered

© Diane Currie Sam

Unless otherwise noted, all poems here are available for purchase or licensing as song lyrics. Contact me for rates. (Note: proceeds from 'protest songs' like this would be donated to the cause).



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