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Olivia O - The Musical

Olivia O is a musical about a teenage girl who is separated from her mother at the US-Mexican border and sent to an abusive foster home, and how she finds her way back to her family in the midst of a corrupt system. The story is highly relevant to today’s turbulent times, and is ultimately about the redemptive power of love and the resilience of the human spirit.

“Oliver Twist meets West Side Story - A Modern Musical for our Times”

As the writer/lyricist for this show, my personal dream for this play is to see it performed on stage and playing to audiences all over the world.

As a mother, I hope that the emotional impact of the story will lay bare the truth that separating a child from their parent for political purposes is an evil that must stop.

As a storyteller, I hope it makes a difference. I know the power of story and I believe bringing this to the stage, developing and performing this story in a thoughtful way will make a difference and bring the spotlight and power of theatre to bear on the shameful situation of child separation and mistreatment of refugees that is happening in the US and in other places around the world. A situation I desperately want to see stop.

My co-creators in this project are Jessica Carmona, an Afro-Latina Actress, Playwright, Librettist and Producer currently working in New York City, and Gil Yaron, an exceptional musician and composer who has put his considerable talent to work in creating a beautiful mix of songs that bring the story to life in a profound way.

For more information, or to support the development of this play, please contact us at



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